Paleo Diet: New Data Shows HDL Might Not Be So “Protective”

Ask five different “experts” about cholesterol, and you’ll no doubt get five very different answers. Sure, the overall “Paleo” view of cholesterol’s relationship to health and longevity is very different from the mainstream ideology, but even many ancestral health aficionados don’t have a firm grasp on what those famous numbers actually mean. Who does know? [...]

The Paleo Summit – Day 5

On the Paleo Summit, Day 5 we have Denise Minger, a former raw vegan and avid student of nutrition, Chris Kresser, licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of integrative medicine, and Reed Davis, clinical nutritionist and founder of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN). Denise Minger -  How to Win an Argument with a Vegetarian The Paleo Diet [...]

Paleo Diet News: Dr. Mercola Champions Saturated Fat

A fun article on the Mercola site from a couple of years ago began doing the rounds again in the blogosphere over the past couple of days, in which Dr. Mercola champions saturated fat.  The article’s renewed prominence seems to indicate a growing acceptance of one of the key tenets of the paleo diet: that saturated fat isn’t the [...]

Could The Paleo Diet Make Heart Disease Predictions Worse?

I was trolling around the internet today, looking for interesting pieces of nutritional news and information, like I often do, and I found an interesting article. The article entitled “Today’s Teens Will Die Younger of Heart Disease, Study Finds”, was posted on November 16, 2011. The gist of the article is that the future of health for [...]

The Paleo Diet and Fiber

I’ve heard it a thousand times…..fiber is essential. It supposedly helps to keep us pooping regularly, cleans out our intestines, lowers cholesterol, and slows the rate at which we absorb sugar. But is all that really true? Considering that the mainstream gets just about everything else wrong, is fiber really as important as “they” say [...]

The Paleo Diet and Healing

I posted a comment in a paleo diet Facebook group a couple of days ago, making the observation that I seem to have been able to heal more quickly since going paleo.  Cuts, grazes, scratches…they all recover faster, with less scarring, and with reduced likelihood of infection.  I noted that this wasn’t a scientifically-verified observation, but [...]

Myths and Truths of the Paleo Diet

One of the most challenging aspects of beginning the paleo diet is wading through all the conflicting information that’s out there.  Even when you’ve decided that paleo is the way to go, it’s not unusual to still have niggling doubts.  Here are some common myths about the paleo diet.  If you need to refresh yourself [...]

The Paleo Diet and Self Experimentation

How old are you? Where are you from? Are you Male or Female? How tall are you? Where are your ancestors from? Are you fair skinned, or dark skinned? Do you tan easily, or burn easily? What time do you go to bed? What time do you get up? Do you gain weight easily? Do [...]

The Paleo Diet & Barry Groves

Maybe you’ve heard of Dr. Barry Groves, and maybe you haven’t….but you should. He’s the man behind a website called, which is a website all based around a Paleo type of ancestral health philosophy. You really should check out some of the incredible articles on his site. He likes to tell it like it is. Some of the notable articles [...]

Paleo Diet: More on Sulfur

My previous articles on sulfur, and MSM spawned multiple questions from people regarding the specific problems associated with sulfur deficiency, and the subsequent benefits of supplementing with MSM. The following quotes are taken from the original article on the Weston A. Price website, by Stephanie Seneff, PhD. I believe that these points are in essence, [...]

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