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Paleo Diet News Review: Waist Disposal

Dubbed as a “no-nonsense, science-based approach to fat-loss“, this book by Dr. John Briffa - a practising UK-based doctor and health journalist - serves as a great introduction to the paleo diet and lifestyle for those whose main goal is fat-loss.  However, it’s substantial enough (mainly due to its plethora of excellent scientific and medical references) to [...]

Paleo Diet News Review: The Primal Blueprint

Mark Sisson is a highly-regarded voice in the paleo/primal movement, and is a veritable walking advert for the benefits of the paleo diet.  At 57, he radiates a vim and vigour that would be the envy of many a younger man (or woman). His popular blog, Mark’s Daily Apple, served as an introduction to paleo living [...]

Losing Weight on the Paleo Diet

Recently, I re-watched a BBC programme I had recorded when it was first broadcast: 10 Things You Need To Know About Losing Weight.  In it, medical journalist Michael Mosley investigated the latest scientific breakthroughs in slimming, uncovering ten ways alleged to accelerate the shedding of unwanted body fat.  I thought it’d be fun to revisit [...]

The Paleo Diet According to Ask Men Magazine

Ask Men Magazine recently published an article simply entitled “Paleo Diet”, which was written by Health Correspondent Shannon Clark. The article was later reprinted on Do they really ask men anything? Finally, a diet that actually encourages you to eat protein, protein and more protein. Since it’s still early on in the game, we’re not yet sure [...]

The New (Old) Paleo Diet Exercise: Chores

So, in the Huffington Post an article was published which says that doing chores makes you fit. Is this a surprise? Obviously to some it is. But to Paleo dieters this is old news. In fact its ancient news. Why? Because nearly ALL activity done by our Paleo ancestors would have been in the form [...]

Athletes Follow the Paleo Diet

There is growing trend among professional athletes - following the Paleo diet.  Some, like Olympic gold medalist swimmer Amanda Beard followed the diet to get back in shape after the birth of her son.  Others do it to improve their condition before a competition. These athletes find that the Paleo diet lowers their body fat [...]

Benefits of Interval Training and the Paleo diet

There are several great forms of exercise that fit in with the paleo diet: Crossfit, MovNat and High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. Not having done any of these forms of exercise, yet, I have no personal experience. But from researching about the various forms, HIIT can be very structured, in that you can time [...]

Arrive at the Start Line Healthy with The Endurance Paradox

An important book written a physical therapist and a doctor designed to help the endurance athlete avoid bone injury. Apparently as these athletes run faster and harder, bone are getting weaker. This is common among runners, cyclists and triathletes. The focus is on proper nutrition andᅠexplains the connection between muscles and bones and covers training [...]

How to avoid that heart attack

Bad advice from doctors still abound on the web. Dr. Greg Kerr is recommending that one eat a diet low in fat, reduced animal products and more fruit. This is outdated poor advice. It is the advice that has made millions of people ill with more heart disease and diabetes. To prevent heart disease humans [...]

Leading Athlete Cites Paleo Diet as Key to High Performance On and Off the Course

A look at what the paleo diet can do when taken to it’s optimum.ᅠGreg Parham, off-road triathlete, follows a paleo diet and engages in some of the most grueling competitions around.ᅠ In a fascinating interview, Paleo Cookbook author, Nikki Young, delves deep into the life of this highly successful off-road triathlete, who cites the paleo [...]

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