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Paleo Diet News Review: Escape The Diet Trap

Paleo Diet News Review: Escape The Diet Trap

I reviewed Dr Briffa’s previous book Waist Disposal here on Paleo Diet News last year. That one focused on fat loss for men, and did so in an admirably clear way, utilising a diet based solidly on paleo precepts. Since it came out, I’ve recommended it to numerous male friends who have mentioned their need [...]

Paleo Diet: McEwen Vs. Kruse Part I

I thought about naming this post, “ready, aim, fire” or, “Trouble in Paradise”, but ultimately I thought it would be easier to just call it what it is; “McEwen Vs. Kruse Part I”. Before I go any further, I want to make it clear that although I make it my business to report on these [...]

Do You Live Paleo, or Just Eat Paleo?

There is a great guest post published today, over at the Free The Animal blog by Russ Crandall, entitled “The Difference Between Eating Paleo and “Being Paleo””. Russ, evidently attended the recent PaleoFX Symposium, and came to a few conclusions about what it means to either “be Paleo” or just “eat Paleo”. “I can honestly [...]

Permaculture and the Paleo Diet

Have you thought about growing your own food in sustainable ways?  From Wikipedia: Permaculture is a theory of ecological design which seeks to develop sustainable human settlements and agricultural systems, by attempting to model them on natural ecosystems. It’s interesting to consider the relevance of permaculture in the context of the paleo diet.  Mark Sisson [...]

Paleo Diet: Weight Loss Doesn’t Always Equal Healthy

I hear it all the time, “Lose weight, and get healthy!”. Hell, I’ve said it myself multiple times…but, weight loss doesn’t always equal healthy, even though the mainstream would have us believe that it does. Today, I’m quoting from an article by an unlikely candidate for use on a Paleo based website, because the author [...]

Paleo Diet News: Recipe Round-Up

Paleo Diet News: Recipe Round-Up

I’m still buzzing from the excitement of creating an impromptu and delicious paleo diet soup yesterday from some leftover fridge ingredients, so I thought I’d share that with you along with a couple of other great paleo recipes from around the web.  Yep, it’s recipe round-up time! Brian’s Impromptu Thai Vegetable Soup I wish I’d taken a [...]

Paleo Diet: What if Omega-3′s Cause Cancer?

Sometimes, it takes what seems to be a really good idea, a long time to proliferate through the paleosphere, and into the mainstream. Sometimes, even though we’re all super-smart over here in Paleo-land, we actually get things wrong. Only slightly less than a year ago, it was the standard recommendation of each of the Paleo [...]

Paleo Diet News: Saturday Link-Love

Paleo Diet News: Saturday Link-Love

Today, we have some Saturday Link-Love for all you paleo diet enthusiasts - and the links all come from four people who are, for my money, amongst the best and brightest writing on food and health today.  Between them, they provide thorough and accessible approaches to sensible nutritional advice - which is exactly what the [...]

Paleo Diet: Fasting And Cancer

I guess this is one of those weeks where Mark Sisson just decided to turn-out a few little gems on his blog. My last post was about one of Mark’s articles, and so is this one. Cancer has to be one of the scariest “diseases” out there. Ok, so it’s really more of a mutation [...]

Paleo Diet: Is That Loose Skin, or Just Body-Fat?

This subject is actually a large concern for a lot of people. It has concerned me in the past because…..well…I’m vain, and I didn’t relish the idea of having pieces of loose skin on my body, as I lost weight. I was never really more than about 20lbs overweight, even at my heaviest, but after [...]