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Today, we have some Saturday Link-Love for all you paleo diet enthusiasts - and the links all come from four people who are, for my money, amongst the best and brightest writing on food and health today.  Between them, they provide thorough and accessible approaches to sensible nutritional advice - which is exactly what the world needs!

So, without further ado (we’ll take them in alphabetical order, just to be fair):

Dr John Briffa  (

The ever-excellent Dr. Briffa is a great go-to guy if what you want is a rational analysis of prevailing medical and scientific doctrine.  He takes a generally paleo diet approach to food.   Three recent posts worth reading: his praise of Tom Naughton’s efforts to debunk today’s established nutritional advice; his advice on how to beat acne by going primal; and his well-thought-out guidance on supplementing with vitamin D.

Nancy Deville (

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - Nancy Deville is doing something right.  At sixty, she’s a great advert for her own system, which combines a real-foods approach (“be a modern hunter-gatherer” says Nancy) with guidance on good exercise and healthy approaches to balancing the mind and emotions.  She appears regularly in the Huffington Post (read her Huffpost articles on the red meat and cancer studies and on easy approaches to exercise) and on radio (listen to her interview about her new ebook, Weight Loss Made Easy). She’s also the author of several books.

Zoe Harcombe (

Creator of the Harcombe Diet, which has strong paleo diet elements to it, Zoe Harcombe is also an enthusiastic debunker of pseudo-scientific nutritional advice.  Recently, she’s tackled the red meat and mortality studies; the “five a day” fallacy; and that old chestnut - the calorie theory of weight loss.

Mark Sisson (

Undoubtedly a paleo diet luminary, one of the things I like most about Mark Sisson’s blog is that he’s prepared to range outside of the boundaries of strict paleo diet speculation - and thus gives his readers a satisfyingly broad approach to wellbeing.  Two recent posts stand out for me as being particularly fun: his advice on how to detach yourself from outcomes (diet-based or otherwise) and thus make life more free; and a round-up of 7 low-tech tools for primal living.  If you didn’t already know you’d benefit from making your own Bulgarian Training Bag - you know now!

Until next time at Paleo Diet News - be well!

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