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Paleo Diet: Should Our Food Be Raw?

Everywhere you look, there are people talking about the possible benefits of raw food diets…..primarily raw vegan. I’m not going to go into detail here, but I’m pretty sure that if you’re reading articles on this site, you already know many reasons why a vegan diet of any kind (raw or not), is not optimal [...]

The Paleo Diet And Bodybuilding

The Paleo Diet And Bodybuilding

No matter how many people try t buy cheap generic cialis online o make the Paleo Template a “one size fits all” type of deal, there are always exceptions to the rule. Although Paleo certainly isn’t a low-carb protocol by default, many people seem to believe that low-carb Paleo is the more historically correct way [...]

Carbsane Weighs In On Cold Therapy

Evelyn AKA Carbsane, has been ranting, spouting, and complaining about Jack Kruse for quite a while now, but she finally decided to bring some helpful information to the table in an article on April 11th 2012. In the article entitled “Cold Adaptation, BAT & Thermogenesis”, Evelyn brings us back to the reality of the true [...]

Does Cold Therapy Increase Body-Fat?

When it comes to Cold Therapy, some people might well be worried about the possibility of cold temperatures causing an increase in body-fat, to act as insulation against the cold. But does cold therapy increase body fat? In another short but sweet article by Ray Cronise of the Thermogenex blog, entitled “Fasten Your Seat Belts…”, [...]

Paleo Diet & Quitting Smoking

A couple of my close friends are currently struggling with quitting smoking. They made the New Year’s resolution to give up, and set Easter as the point at which they’d be free of the evil weed. Both have reported finding it harder than they thought they would. They asked if I knew of any good [...]

Paleo Diet: Is Water Toxic?

The funny thing about alarmism is that in the correct (or incorrect depending upon how you look at it) circumstances, absolutely anything can be toxic in excessive amounts. “Excessive” is a term that has a different me cialis generic aning based upon the subject. This article isn’t even about water, but I thought I’d pull [...]

Paleo Diet News: Easter Link Love

Well, Easter has come and gone, and I was incredibly busy what with all of the kids and family stuff, so I figured that I’d throw out one of those useful link-love posts. The bloggers slowed down a bit over the holiday, so hopefully they’ll pick up a buy cialis online gain this week, otherwise [...]

Happy Paleo Diet Easter!

Happy Paleo Diet Easter!

Stuck for ideas for a paleo diet Easter?  Want to ensure it isn’t a sugar-laden disaster?  Here’s a round up of some of the best info from around the internet to help your paleo diet Easter go with a swing: Preparing For Easter The Paleo Mom has a few good ideas for alternatives to sweet [...]

Paleo Diet: Does Salt Deserve Its Bad Reputation?

Something that becomes glaringly evident after getting into this whole, “Ancestral Health”, Paleo Template deal, is that many things that are demonized and reported to be highly unhealthy by the mainstream, are often completely harmless or even beneficial when looked at in the correct context. The reason for this is that the S.A.D (Standard American [...]

Paleo Diet: Can We Force People To Be Paleo?

Can’t we just hold a knife to people’s throats, or threaten to blow their houses up, if they don’t change to a Paleo Template way of eating? Can’t we hold their children for ransom, or throw bricks through their windows if they won’t voluntarily come over to the fuzzy side of the force? No? Well, [...]