Small, frequent meals key to tackling acidity - not

Boy, I remember the heartburn days, or years actually.  I followed all of the advice on heartburn - avoid coffee, chocolate, tomatoes, spicy foods. Sleep elevated, don’t wear tight clothing, etc. And taking the drugs, Zantac, Tagamet which didn’t help. Taking Rolaids and Tums. Nothing really worked in the end. And I suspect it doesn’t work for most people. The reason? It’s the wrong advice!

By adopting healthy eating habits and reducing stress, one can prevent acidity. Follow healthy, balanced diet without skipping meals. Small and frequents meals throughout the day avoids overburdening of digestive system. Eat wholesome diet with fresh …

Stopping heartburn permanently is really very simple. It’s so simple and cheap that if the word really gets out the drug companies will have cut back on bonuses. The solution? Cut out ALL simple refined carbs and reduce some complex carbs. This means all white foods are gone. Whole grain consumption is greatly reduced or eliminated too.ᅠYou see the problem is not that there is too much acid in the stomach. The problem is that there is not enough. When I started a high fat, high protein, low carb diet (not quite a paleo diet yet) I lost some weight but also lost the heartburn. Permanently. Well, it will come back if I indulge in some carb ladened food, but it is brief. For those who still insist that eating grains are important you can solve your heartburn by taking apple cider vinegar and /or a hydrochloric acid supplement.ᅠ

Oh, one more thing. Our paleo ancestors did not small frequent meals. When there was bounty, they gorged. When food was hard to come by, they fasted. If you follow a paleo diet you can greatly reduce the number of meals you eat simply because your gut is satisfied and happy with what you are putting in it.

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  1. whiplash compensation August 8, 2011 at 7:58 am

    I would say that it is with the food you eat. Avoid fatty foods. This will help you get rid of those diseases. Try veggies for sure you will get a healthy body. Thanks.