High-Fat Diets Won’t Harden Arteries….

And a whole lot more…. I love how they qualify their statements “Low-carbohydrate diets that require patients to fill up on fats won’t lead to harder arteries, researchers say — at least not in the short-term.” For the long term too. But what constitutes a high fat diet? To me a high fat diet is getting 65 - 80% of your calories from fat. A moderate fat/protein diet would be about 40 - 45% of each, with the rest being non starchy carbs. And it is crucial that the fats come from the best sources - grass fed/pastured animal products, certain plant sources like nuts, coconuts, olives, avocado. Avoid damaged fats like trans fats, vegetable oil and soy oil.

Yet studies have shown that a low-carb diet can have positive effects on blood pressure, cholesterol, and other parameters that may reduce the risk of the artery disease atherosclerosis and subsequent heart disease. ……

If you are uncertain what sort of diet to follow, choose a paleo diet. It’s a perfectly healthy way to go.

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