Paleo Diet News: Sunday Link Love

It’s that time of the week again……I know

you’re excited! It’s time for the Sunday Link love round-up!

I know I’ve complained about the distinct lack of recent blog posts for the Paleosphere, but it’s still going on. It’s like some kind of strike or embargo. Maybe all the “Paleo elite”, or the “Paleo Illuminati” as I like to call them, are on vacation or something….who knows……anyway, here are some of the most intriguing articles I can find. Enjoy….

Sunday Link Love

Evelyn at the Carbsane blog lays the smack down on the TWICHOOBS (Taubes’ Wrong Insulin-Carbohydrate Hypothesis of Obesity, Believers).
More on NHANES & Obesity and the Alternate Hypothesis

From Chris Masterjohn over at the Daily Lipid:
My Interview With Aaron Zober of the Appropriate Omnivore

Also from Chris Masterjohn:
AJCN Publishes New PUFA Study That Should Make Us Long For the Old Days

From Robb Wolf’s Blog:
Crazy About Kombucha 

At the Health Correlator Blog:
Rice Consumption and Health


Kresser carries on with a little more info about Raw Milk:
Raw Milk Reality: Is Raw Milk Worth the Risk?

At the Free The Animal Blog, Richard gets his extreme-cold on:
First Cryo-Therapy Session. Sub-300 degrees below zero F for 3 minutes

Stephen at Whole Health Source ties in some info with Chris Kresser’s posts on Salt:
Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

From Science Daily:

Calcium Supplements Linked to Significantly Increased Heart Attack Risk, Study Suggests

‘Obesity Genes’ May Influence Food Choices, Eating Patterns

Hormone Plays Surprise Role in Fighting Skin Infections


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