The Paleo Diet Vs. Cancer

Paleo diet and cancer mestastasis

ht=”684″ />I know, all of us at Paleo Diet News have written about Cancer before, and how the Paleo Template can potentially be our best defense against the big “C” word. But, over the last few months, I have gathered some new tidbits of information that may be highly complementary in the fight against Cancer.

The Paleo Diet Vs. Cancer

Bear in mind that eating a nice clean Paleo Template style diet, that focuses on whole, real,

organic and pastured foods is the basis for almost any treatment plan. Also bear in mind that some of these resources listed below are largely un-proven, and unsubstantiated by much….or sometimes any scientific data….but, if you or someone you

know is suffering from Cancer of almost any type, I would say that trying possibly all of these would be worth a try. What have you/they got to lose?

The usual “go-to” here is the calorie restricted, Ketogenic Diet…..probably for good reason:

If you haven’t seen the Burzynski movie, check it out below:

High Dose, intravenous Vitamin C has been shown to kill cancer, and reduce tumor size:

DCA, or Dichloroacetic acid, could be a potential weapon in the fight against Cancer:

Most of us already know that Coconut Oil is touted to have anti-Cancer properties:

Turmeric, a common spice, and it’s other form “Curcumin” is possibly a potent Cancer fighter:

There is evidence that drinking Alkaline water has anti-Cancer properties:

It’s possible that Magnesium deficiency also contributes to cancer risk:

Vitamin D is important period, but also has cancer protective qualities:

That about covers it for now. Don’t forget that Wheat, and PUFAs (Polyunsaturated fats) are also HIGHLY important to avoid, if you want to avoid Cancer.


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Barry Cripps is a Paleo-based, Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, who operates out of Bowling Green, Kentucky.

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