Paleo Diet Caveman Jokes

Shaving, so easy a caveman can't do it! From

In honor of the Jewish holiday Purim, which encourages laughter and joking, I thought I’d share a few funny, Paleo diet caveman jokes. The verbal jokes I uncovered were not especially funny. The funniest one I found was from

One night, a caveman comes running into his cave and says, “Whew! There was a tiger chasing me all the way across the savannah!”
His wife asks, “Why?

The caveman replied “I didn’t stop to ask!”

Since this was the caliber of  “Caveman” verbal humor, I didn’t want bore you with those were even less funny. But I had more luck with the selection of funny Paleo Diet, caveman joke videos.

From Jimmy Kimmel live



Your Inner Caveman

– Stephen Mclean



From the movie “Caveman”



The ever present Geico Caveman ad…



FedEx ad - my favorite!



I hope that some of these jokes tickled your inner Paleo caveman’s funny bone! Happy Purim!


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