Paleo Diet prevents Cancer?

Now we’ve one more reason to follow the Paleo diet - it may prevent cancer. In a study done by scientists at Canada’s British Columbia Cancer Research Centre, it was found that mice fed on a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet had slower tumour cell growth than those fed a typical Western diet high in carbohydrates. While the experiments were conducted with mice, the researchers strongly believe that the same principles can be applied to humans.

A new study found a clear link between carbohydrates and one deadly disease that targets 12 million Americans each year…..

For this study, 70 percent of the mice fed a typical Western diet with 55 percent of calories coming from carbs died before reaching maturity. They all developed the same killer disease.

You see, this killer disease thrives on sugar. It needs sugar. And what do carbohydrates turn into once they hit your blood stream?

You got it: Sugar.

But once you cut out the sugar and starches, you cut your disease risk.

While the Paleo diet may not be considered a low carbohydrate diet, it does eliminate the carbs that are the cause of cancer; refined flours, starches and most especially, sugar.

A low-carb diet forces the normal cells in your body to use fat for fuel, instead of carbs. Cancer cells can’t do this. They need glucose to grow. So when you limit carbs, you cut off the glucose. This limits the fuel supply to the tumors.

Plus, by limiting carbs, you reduce your body’s insulin levels. This too is a good thing. Insulin is a hormone that promotes tumor growth in both humans and mice. Numerous independent studies confirm this.

That’s why every oncologist in the country should tell their patients to cut back on the carbs and the sugar. Read on….

But apparently, oncologists don’t. Standard nutritional recommendations by groups such as the American Cancer Society include snack foods such as: bread, granola, popcorn, and cookies. See the table below taken directly from ACS document: “Nutrition for the Person With Cancer During Treatment: A Guide for Patients and Families“.

List of "nutritious" foods to snack on while undergoing cancer treatment.

With advice like this is it any wonder people don’t improve?

But it doesn’t have to be this way. As the study has shown eating a low carbohydrate diet can help improve the chances that you won’t get cancer, or if you do, remove it completely. And the Paleo diet may just be one of the best ways to do that. But you already knew that…..didn’t you?


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