Grass-fed Beef vs. Poultry on the Paleo Diet

It seems that the tide is slowly turning in favor of red meat. More and more research is being done that shows the benefits of the consumption of beef, especially grass-fed beef.  And more specifically, grass-fed beef is shown to have a better nutritional profile than poultry like chicken and turkey. This is an interesting [...]

Guilt-Free Paleo Diet Thanksgiving

The message of the effectiveness of the Paleo diet is spreading, at least through local media news. A second CBS affiliate, this time CBS Philly, has reported on the Paleo diet, with a Thanksgiving spin. Dr. Kim Mulvhill of CBS News, San Francisco, first reported on the Paleo diet last month when she tried it [...]

PeTA and the Paleo Diet

Here is a little pre-Thanksgiving lunacy before the real craziness begins.  PeTA has gone over the top, again. They love controversy and they dish it out by the bucket load. This time with an advertisement aimed at little kids, that equates eating a Thanksgiving turkey with eating a pet. Can we say “going off the [...]