Stephan Guyenet

Stephan Guyenet Weighs in on Fructose

Stephan Guyenet Weighs in on Fructose

It seems that I’m not the only person who’s paying attention to David Despain’s “Evolving Health” blog. Evelyn, aka “Carbsane” has be cialis online purchase en raving about David’s interview with John Sievenpiper, that he wrote about in his article entitled “Fate of fructose: Interview with Dr. John Sievenpiper” (believe it or not), and now [...]

Paleo Diet: Is Sugar Really The Devil?

It’s a frequently repeated idea around the world today, that sugar could quite possibly be the sweet, white disguise that the devil uses to enslave us on the earth. Sugar is commonly implicated as the major contributor to the development of insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. But, is this reputation actually deserved? If [...]

Paleo Diet: Thursday Link Love

It used to be Wednesday, and then I skipped a few, so Brian posted a “Sunday Link Love” article, so I think I’m going to break the rules yet again. Here it is, nearly the end of the week, and I’m suffering from that well-known blogger’s block. I really don’t seem to have a whole [...]

Is Insulin REALLY To Blame For Making People Fat?

Almost two years ago now, I read “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes, and my world was officially rocked. It all made sense….Carbs make us fat, plain and simple. Carbohydrates and insulin combined are the devil, and together are responsible for obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and every chronic disease the average person can [...]