PeTA and the Paleo Diet

Here is a little pre-Thanksgiving lunacy before the real craziness begins.  PeTA has gone over the top, again. They love controversy and they dish it out by the bucket load. This time with an advertisement aimed at little kids, that equates eating a Thanksgiving turkey with eating a pet. Can we say “going off the [...]

Someone Needs To Tell Clinton About The Paleo Diet

I’m sure by now, most of us have already heard that former President Bill Clinton has made some rather drastic changes to his dietary lifestyle. The recent and supposedly “heart healthy” change was detailed in an Aug 18th article on entitled “From Omnivore the Vegan: The Dietary Education of Bill Clinton”, by David S. Martin. [...]

Sally Fallon talks about soy….

This is one short video about soy, from a series of video interviews of Sally Fallon. They are all very interesting and worth watching. Even though I am following a paleo diet, I came to it through the Weston A. Price Foundation. I think the only real difference between what I now do and what [...]

Ditch That Protein Powder

Really good, important advice on how to eat high protein. The article is geared toward pregnant women, but this really applies to everyone. The basics: avoid soy based protein; make sure you’re eating enough fat; avoid protein powders. Actually, with that last piece of advice I would agree but with a caveat - you can [...]

Paleo diet; breast cancer and soy foods

Dr. Oz…. missing the mark. Surprised? Not me. I watch his show about 3 or 4 months ago and he was touting the benefits of soy. Soy is a dangerous food, if it is not fermented. Totally unfit for human or animal consumption. The basis for the belief that soy is beneficial is that it [...]

Evils of Soy Prove Paleo Diet

Terrific piece about how soy is not a food humans were meant to eat. Anyone following a paleo diet should avoid it. ᅠHowever there is one exception, which is surprisingly not mentioned. Fermented soy in the form of miso, natto, tempeh, soy and tamari sauce are okay, in fact they are healthy. Fermentation changes the [...]