Ray Cronise

Carbsane Weighs In On Cold Therapy

Evelyn AKA Carbsane, has been ranting, spouting, and complaining about Jack Kruse for quite a while now, but she finally decided to bring some helpful information to the table in an article on April 11th 2012. In the article entitled “Cold Adaptation, BAT & Thermogenesis”, Evelyn brings us back to the reality of the true [...]

Does Cold Therapy Increase Body-Fat?

When it comes to Cold Therapy, some people might well be worried about the possibility of cold temperatures causing an increase in body-fat, to act as insulation against the cold. But does cold therapy increase body fat? In another short but sweet article by Ray Cronise of the Thermogenex blog, entitled “Fasten Your Seat Belts…”, [...]

How Cold Is Cold Enough?

One of the questions that might be asked about this whole Thermal Loading deal is, “how cold does it need to be?’ or “How Cold Is Cold Enough?”. Do I need to submerge myself in ice water to gain the desired effect? In this article from Ray Cronise’s Thermogenex blog called “Cool not cold…”, Ray [...]

Who Else Is Behind This Cold Therapy Stuff?

So we already know that there is something promising about this whole cold therapy deal, but who else is out there doing the research? Often where there is one highly visible person shouting a message from the roof-tops, there are several other people, who are not as well known, but who also potentially have a [...]

What’s All This Cold Water Stuff About?

Cold Thermogenesis Some people call it simply an “Ice Bath”., while others call it “Cold Therapy”, “Cold Water Immersion”, or “Cryotherapy”. Dr Jack Kruse of the “Living an Optimized Life” blog calls his own brand of cold therapy “Cold Thermogenesis” or “CT” for short. Everyone’s talking about it, but what’s all this cold water stuff [...]