Who Else Is Behind This Cold Therapy Stuff?

So we already know that there is something promising about this whole cold therapy deal, but who else is out there doing the research? Often where there is one highly visible person shouting a message from the roof-tops, there are se

veral other people, who are not as well known, but who also potentially have a lot to add to the cause.

Who else is behind this cold therapy stuff?

If you read “The 4 Hour Body” by Tim Ferriss, you might remember that a person called Ray Cronise was featured in the book. Ray was responsible for the chapter of the book that covered his theory of Thermal Loading. Here’s his about.me bio:

“Ray studied chemistry in undergraduate and graduate school and began his career as a Material Scientist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. During his 15 years at NASA, he worked on a microgravity material science, physical & analytical chemistry, and space station environmental control an life support systems. Ray co-founded Zero Gravity Corporation with Peter Diamandis and Byron Lichtenberg - creating the world’s first private parabolic flight operation.

Today, he is changing the way the medical community views the human body’s nutritional and caloric energy balance by driving unprecedented weight loss through basic thermodynamic principles. His passion for food is alive as well through regular contributions to platable.com and he was an invited speaker at TEDMED2010. Ray’s work on thermodynamically driven weight loss is featured in 4-Hour Body by Best Selling Author, Tim Ferriss.”

Ray’s website and blog, called “Thermogenex” can be found at hypothermics.com.

I thought I’d kick off the first of several posts, covering Ray’s work, by quoting the first article on his blog site, called “It’s A Long Way To The Top” that is an introduction of sorts.

“I don’t know how I woke up one day and had swelled from 170 lbs to 230 lbs. I might have actually weighed more at my top, but I stopped keeping track of it and I rarely wanted to measure anything. As a scientist, that tells you a lot about the denial I lived in for years. It wasn’t as if I had completely ignored the weight either. I had been on MANY diets over the previous 20 years. Pritikin, Graprfuit, The Zone, Sugar Busters, South Beach, Body for Life, Hilton Head, Atkins…they all worked so long as I stuck to the plan.

That was the problem. The plans weren’t very “sticky.”

I have nothing but respect for all of the work that has been put into helping people manage caloric input. After all, there are only so many exercises and as you will find out, exercise is great for fitness, but doesn’t burn that many calories. On the input side, there is only so much restriction that can happen before you are starving yourself in an unhealthy manner.

This diet-exercise balancing act is all we had to work with for a long time, but all of that has changed. As it turns out, the thermal environment, the energy consumed by your body to maintain your core temperature at 98.6 F (37C) is a huge, untapped resource in the battle of the bulge. In fact, it may be the very insulation you are carrying around that is making the diet-exercise paradigm even less effective.

In the end, I lost 50% more the weight in half the time by making small changes in that thermal environment around my body.

You can too.”

Ray has lots of really great blog posts on his site, so stay tuned to Paleodietnews.com, because I’ll be commenting on several of his posts over the next week or so.


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