Paleo Diet: A New Diet Drug Anyone?

Just in case we can’t figure out how to lose weight by eating real food, the pharmaceutical companies have been kind enough to grace us with yet another lovely new diet drug. An article published on Forbes.com gives us the low down on the new diet drug known as Qnexa. The article entitled “New Diet [...]

Paleo Diet Videos: Dr. Joe “Fat-Then-Fit” Leonardi and Calton Nutrition

In conjunction with Barry Cripps “Thursday Link Love” I thought I’d post a few good Paleo Diet videos that I came across this week. Paleo Diet Videos: Dr. Joe “Fat-then-fit” Leonardi The first two Paleo diet videos are from Dr. Joe “Fat-then-fit” Leonardi, chiropractor extraordinaire, who posted two videos as a reply to Dr. Melina [...]