The Paleo Diet and Seasonal Eating

Are you eating cantelope in January? How about apples in April? If you are then you are eating out of season, a practice which may not serve you or your body well. Our bodies metabolism changes with the seasons, with the length of the day and tempera cialis buy online ture. Even if you are [...]

Paleo Diet News: Bee Colony Collapses Linked to Insecticides

When mentioning factory farms or industrialized agriculture we think of CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) or acres and acres of wheat, corn and soy. But we rarely consider the impact that these methods of farming have on other creatures in the ecosystem. Because of such short-sightedness we may be damaging a creature that is highly [...]

Organic v. Local: Which Is Best for the Paleo Diet?

Best of both worlds? Organic vegetables at a local farmers’ market in Argentina (photo courtesy of Wikipedia) I’m a member of a couple of very informative, supportive Facebook groups which are based around the paleo diet.  Members post their paleo experiences enthusiastically on a daily basis: weight-loss success stories; delicious recipes; testimonials of changes in health [...]