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The Paleo Diet And Acne

Yesterday I wrote about how the Paleo Diet was able to completely eradicate my allergies…..however, this subject is something that Paleo wasn’t able to solve for me. You see, when I was a teenager, I had horrible acne…..horrible! My face was literally covered by ugly, angry looking, puss filled pimples. My entire face was red [...]

The Paleo Diet And Allergies

Once upon a time, in a land far, far, away….some called it Kentucky…..was a man called Barry Cripps. Barry was a generally healthy chap, with no major ailments to speak of, but what he DID have, was a nasty case of seasonal allergies. Every spring his allergies would flair in unison with the rising pollen [...]

The Paleo Diet And Gout

This is a subject that I’ve touched on before in previous articles, but even though it’s been in the back of mind for some time, I’ve never actually dedicated an entire article to gout. gout is actually a widespread condition, that causes a lot of pain for the people who suffer with it. What is [...]

The Paleo Diet And Bodybuilding

The Paleo Diet And Bodybuilding

No matter how many people try to make the Paleo Template a “one size fits all” type of deal, there are always exceptions to the rule. Although Paleo certainly isn’t a low-carb protocol by default, many people seem to believe that low-carb Paleo is the more historically correct way to go, which eliminates almost all [...]

Paleo Diet: Can We Force People To Be Paleo?

Can’t we just hold a knife to people’s throats, or threaten to blow their houses up, if they don’t change to a Paleo Template way of eating? Can’t we hold their children for ransom, or throw bricks through their windows if they won’t voluntarily come over to the fuzzy side of the force? No? Well, [...]

Paleo Diet: Carbsane Vs. Kruse

You know, I guess at some point someone is going to yell at me for helping to spread the negativity and dissension within the Paleo community, and my reply will probably be of the inevitable “Don’t shoot the messenger!!” kind. I happen to think….as many people do…..that what these people who are being attacked, bring [...]

Paleo Diet: McEwen Vs. Kruse Part I

I thought about naming this post, “ready, aim, fire” or, “Trouble in Paradise”, but ultimately I thought it would be easier to just call it what it is; “McEwen Vs. Kruse Part I”. Before I go any further, I want to make it clear that although I make it my business to report on these [...]

Do You Live Paleo, or Just Eat Paleo?

There is a great guest post published today, over at the Free The Animal blog by Russ Crandall, entitled “The Difference Between Eating Paleo and “Being Paleo””. Russ, evidently attended the recent PaleoFX Symposium, and came to a few conclusions about what it means to either “be Paleo” or just “eat Paleo”. “I can honestly [...]

Paleo Diet: What If Sugar Doesn’t Cause Diabetes?

It’s a serious question. What IF sugar doesn’t cause diabetes? I know, everyone in the world “knows” that diabetes is a functional breakdown of the body’s ability to effectively utilize and remove excess sugar (Glucose) from the blood stream, but does that mean that sugar is at the very root cause of the disease? Isn’t [...]

Paleo Diet: Don’t Let Excuses Stop Your Success!

“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him” – David Brinkley There are some people in the world who respond to my favorite kind of motivation, known as “tough love”, and there are others who do not. Some people like to be gently lead [...]