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The Paleo Diet and Cancer Tumor Growth

A research article entitled “Targeting GLUT1 and the Warburg Effect in Renal Cell Carcinoma by Chemical Synthetic Lethality” was recently published in The Journal of Science Translational Medicine, August 3, 2011 (abstract is here). The effect of sugar on cancer cell and tumor growth is something that most of us inherently geeky Paleo folks know a [...]

Eating Animals Ethically on the Paleo Diet

For many people, the benefits of the Paleo diet are clear: great nourishment, deep culinary satisfaction, freedom from the blood sugar roller-coaster, and the ability to shrink down to optimum body weight without ever having to go hungry. For some, however, the idea of a diet based around animal products is a step too far. [...]

Breckenridge: Eat like a caveman

Dan Messinger of Breckenridge made news in his hometown paper by eating a paleo diet. Good for him! Hopefully he will inspire others in his community to look more closely at what they eat and change their food selections. Messinger follows a hunter-gatherer diet, which is based off foods eaten during the Paleolithic era. Breckenridge [...]

The Paleo Diet: Eat Like a Cavewoman and Lose Weight?

While this article “The Paleo Diet: Eat Like a Cavewoman and Lose Weight?” has listed the basic points of eating paleo, it seems a bit tongue in cheek, as though it’s not a serious way to live. She mentions that some nutritionists are against Paleo diets because of restrictions. Restrictions? The only restrictions are not [...]

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