Paleo Diet News: Bee Colony Collapses Linked to Insecticides

When mentioning factory farms or industrialized agriculture we think of CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) or acres and acres of wheat, corn and soy. But we rarely consider the impact that these methods of farming have on other creatures in the ecosystem. Because of such short-sightedness we may be damaging a creature that is highly [...]

3 Food Myths and the Paleo Diet

In my trolling about the web I came across an article that purported to clear up some myths about healthy foods. The article “5 Myths Haunting Your Healthy Foods” on the Business Insider website, listed what they called 5 deceptions, which cheat us out of our food dollars. As a Paleo diet follower and as [...]

The Paleo Diet and Hair Loss

Everyone knows that hair loss, especially the so-called “Male Pattern Baldness” (MPB) is just a fact of life. Female Androgenic Alopecia is just a normal part of menopause. If your mother’s father has a full head of hair in later life, you will too. Balding men have more testosterone, and are therefore more “virile”. All [...]

FDA admits supermarket chickens test positive for arsenic

I have one statement - buy pastured/grass fed chickens. Pastured chickens dine on grass, flowers bugs and even a little soil which contains beneficial bacteria and nutrients. Every day they are moved from one pasture to another, usually after larger grazing animals have been there like sheep and cows. Since they have access to natural [...]

Organic Eggs May Come From Factory Farms

This is an alarming report. Factory farms are replacing standard feed with organic feed, but not changing the conditions under which the birds are raised. This means that they are still living in horrible, cramped conditions, with artificial light. The hens cannot spread their wings and to prevent them from pecking at each other the [...]

Choose pastured eggs over organic eggs

A short video about organic eggs. Missing are comments from the author about an even better type of egg, pastured. Organic eggs come from hens fed organic feed. This will include corn, soy and other grains. This is a vegetarian diet. However, chickens are omnivores. Their natural diet will include grass, flowers bug and seeds. [...]