Omega 3

Paleo Diet: What if Omega-3's Cause Cancer?

Sometimes, it takes what seems to be a really good idea, a long time to proliferate through the paleosphere, and into the mainstream. Sometimes, even though we’re all super-smart over here in Paleo-land, we actually get things wrong. Only slightly less than a year ago, it was the standard recommendation of each of the Paleo [...]

Paleo Diet: Is Fish Oil Really Any Better Than Vegetable Oil?

I’ve found that after residing in the Paleosphere for a few years, there are very few things that I’m able to take at face value anymore. I find that instead of just blindly accepting what someone tells me, I ask lots of questions, and do a substantial amount of my own research BEFORE I will [...]

The Paleo Diet Firefighter and the Expert

An article on the Washingtonian Magazine website describes the activity and food choices made by a female firefighter. Her food choices are fairly typical for a busy person following the Paleo diet on a more or less informal basis. As you will read, a few non-paleo items crept in during the 4 day log of [...]

Grass-fed Beef vs. Poultry on the Paleo Diet

It seems that the tide is slowly turning in favor of red meat. More and more research is being done that shows the benefits of the consumption of beef, especially grass-fed beef.  And more specifically, grass-fed beef is shown to have a better nutritional profile than poultry like chicken and turkey. This is an interesting [...]

Avoiding Damaged Fats on the Paleo Diet

There seems to be a lot of confusion on what is a healthy fat. We now know that trans-fats like margarine or shortening at to be avoided, but there are still other fats that are available which are still very unhealthy to consume, Yet people still think they are doing themselves good by using these [...]