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Paleo Diet: Do Carbs Cause Insulin Resistance?

Paleo Diet: Do Carbs Cause Insulin Resistance?

Gary Taubes was one of the founding fathers of the “carbohydrate insulin hypothesis”……at least, he made it semi-famous, even if he didn’t invent it. The hypothesis is simply that the over-consumption of carbohydrates lead to repeated and sustained releases of insulin, which our body ultimately builds up a resistance or immunity to. This supposedly leads [...]

Paleo Diet: Autism and Diabetes

Is it possible that autism and diabetes have a connection? In researching the Paleo diet I’ve come across some interesting connections between diseases and conditions that would not appear to be related in any way. Autism and diabetes are one such pair. We know that the Paleo diet can reverse and possibly cure diabetes, but [...]

The Paleo Diet & PCOS

Is PCOS yet another disease that is caused by the S.A.D (Standard American Diet), and cured by the Paleo Template? PCOS or Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome is listed as a “rare disease”, although as much as 10% of the adult female population of childbearing age (20-40), are diagnosed annually with the disease. Approximately 1 woman [...]

Overcoming Carbohydrate Addiction on the Paleo Diet

A post I just read on made me think about the difficulty I had when starting a low carbohydrate program. We know carbs are addictive. They have a sneaky way of reintroducing themselves to us just when we are at our weakest. But along the way I picked up some useful information that has [...]