The Paleo Diet Lifestyle of Hunting and Gathering

The question of whether or not agriculture has been of benefit to humanity is one that periodically crosses my mind. Yes, our lives are far more comfortable. I admit that there are many aspects of our way of living which agriculture has afforded us that I would be loathed to give up.   Nearly everything we [...]

The Paleo Diet Hunter-Gatherers: The Hadza

Periodically, we hear of a few paleolithic tribes still in existence trying to continue their traditional way of life in spite of the pressures of the modern world. An article on the Pacific Palisade website discusses one such group, the Hadza, a tribe of hunter-gatherers in Tanzania. It is astonishing that they have managed to [...]

Ancient Paleo Diet BBQ found in Holland

The leftovers from a butchered and cooked aurochs (much larger version of our modern cattle) was found at an archeological site in the Netherlands. Hunters cooked the meat over an open flame, first consuming the bone marrow then the ribs. Obviously they knew the importance of the fatty marrow then. Or maybe it was just [...]

Extraordinary new pictures of life in the depths of the Amazon jungle

Amazingly, in this world of high technology and instant contact, there are still small individual groups of people living out a completely untouched way of life, basically a hunter-gatherer existence. Three years ago a video was shot from a helicopter of this tribe living isolated in the Amazon jungle on the border between Peru and [...]