Grass fed beef

3 Food Myths and the Paleo Diet

In my trolling about the web I came across an article that purported to clear up some myths about healthy foods. The article “5 Myths Haunting Your Healthy Foods” on the Business Insider website, listed what they called 5 deceptions, which cheat us out of our food dollars. As a Paleo diet follower and as [...]

Grass-fed Beef vs. Poultry on the Paleo Diet

It seems that the tide is slowly turning in favor of red meat. More and more research is being done that shows the benefits of the consumption of beef, especially grass-fed beef.  And more specifically, grass-fed beef is shown to have a better nutritional profile than poultry like chicken and turkey. This is an interesting [...]

Vegetarians, Grass Fed Beef and the Paleo Diet

Once a vegetarian, always a vegetarian? Not necessarily. It seems that for many people following a vegetarian diet, the nutrition is so poor that they must return to being meat eaters or remain sick. When you follow a Paleo diet, we know why we eat meat. We know that we did not evolve to eat [...]

‘Conscientious Carnivores’ and the Paleo Diet

Food author James McWilliams has a problem with those of us who are concerned about the welfare of the animals whose products we eat. According to him, we are hypocritical since we purport to be concerned and conscientious, but are still consuming animal products. He sees a major disconnect between acknowledging that animals have value [...]

The High Cost Of Cheap Meat

The solution is pastured beef, lamb and chicken. The cost will be higher, but the benefit to us, the animals and the environment will be substantial. So, instead of going to McDonald’s everyday for that Big Mac, eat a nice grass fed steak or burger twice a week. At that rate the cost of the [...]

Why Grass Fed Beef Makes The Best Steaks For Grilling

Chef Todd Mohr discusses why grass fed beef is the best. An interesting comment by John Wood of US Wellness Meats, that at 4:00 pm the energy in the grass is at it’s highest and moves his cattle into new pasture to take advantage of that. The cattle just love it. The best steaks for [...]