3 Food Myths and the Paleo Diet

In my trolling about the web I came across an article that purported to clear up some myths about healthy foods. The article “5 Myths Haunting Your Healthy Foods” on the Business Insider website, listed what they called 5 deceptions, which cheat us out of our food dollars. As a Paleo diet follower and as [...]

Scientists engineer mother’s-milk cow

From the weird world of genetics, scientists in Argentina have genetically engineered a cow that will give human mother’s milk. Now, I do understand the reasoning behind this - they want to produce milk that is safe for babies and children. The milk is also fortified with iron and has anti-bacterial properties(!). There is something [...]

Exploding watermelons

No I’m not talking about Gallagher smashing watermelons. Apparently watermelons being grown in China are exploding, in the field, because the farmers have been adding chemicals to speed up growth.  Think we are exempt from this here in the US? Here, hormones are used to accelerate growth on melons, pumpkins, cucumbers and more. Given how [...]

Burgers from a lab: The World Of In Vitro Meat

More experimentation with our food supply.  Now they are working on making meat in a lab. Just one more opportunity to add unknown ingredients to our food. The main reason? To prevent animals from being raised in CAFOs. And yes these are horrible conditions that these poor animals are raised in. But there is another, [...]