The Paleo Diet Firefighter and the Expert

An article on the Washingtonian Magazine website describes the activity and food choices made by a female firefighter. Her food choices are fairly typical for a busy person following the Paleo diet on a more or less informal basis. As you will read, a few non-paleo items crept in during the 4 day log of [...]

Paleo Diet: Prostate Cancer and Eggs - More Bad Science!

Paleo Diet, Prostate Cancer and Eggs - What’s The Connection? It’s not without some amusement that, whilst eating my breakfast omelette at the weekend, I stumbled across this article in a UK newspaper, claiming that “eating just THREE eggs a week increases chance of men getting prostate cancer!”. My omelette - one of several I’d eaten that week, [...]

Choose pastured eggs over organic eggs

A short video about organic eggs. Missing are comments from the author about an even better type of egg, pastured. Organic eggs come from hens fed organic feed. This will include corn, soy and other grains. This is a vegetarian diet. However, chickens are omnivores. Their natural diet will include grass, flowers bug and seeds. [...]