The Paleo Diet & N.A.Ds

The title of this article is interesting, isn’t it? Don’t get too excited, because N.A.D.s is an acronym, and not male genitalia, as it would appear. N.A.D.s is not even an acronym of my invention, so I’m not going to try and claim to you that I came up with it, or what it stands [...]

The Paleo Diet Vs. Weight Watchers

“Dieters In Weight Watchers Study Drop Up To 15 Pounds a Year” was the title of an article dated September 7th 2011, published on Health.com, and written by Amanda MacMillan. The article was written in response to an article in the Lancet, that apparently followed 772 men and women in The UK, Germany, and Australia, [...]

Nearly a Paleo Diet for the oldest living diabetic

This is a wonderful story San Diego resident, Bob Krause, who has beaten the odds and has lived a long happy life with type 1 diabetes. He kept it under control by being careful about what he eats. When you look at his diet it looks almost like a paleo diet. He says he’s not [...]

A drastic turn in diet for the worse for the Inuit

News from the north, the FAR North. Apparently, since the 80′s, the Inuit have been getting all of the diseases of this modern age, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. What changed? Prior to the 1950′s the Inuit diet consisted of caribou meat, walrus, seal or whale blubber and a few berries in season, a super [...]

Ford turning cars into medical monitors

More on the “you gotta read it to believe it” front: Ford is researching adding medical monitors to their cars. It will detect your blood glucose levels, your heart rate (just to see if you are having a heart attack), and whether or not you are having difficulty breathing.ᅠ We see health and wellness as [...]

Paleolithic diet much better for diabetics than conventional …

One more point goes to the paleo diet. No one who follows a paleo diet is surprised that diabetics would do better on a paleo diet than the standard diabetic diet. However I think that some of the results go deeper than just the number of calories. The article asserts that those following a paleo [...]

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