Chris Masterjohn

Paleo Diet: Glutathione Protects Against Asthma

Just today, March 31st 2012, Chris Masterjohn published a brand new article on the Weston A. Price Foundation website, entitled “With the Wave of a Wand, Raw Milk Wipes Away the Wheeze: How Our Good Friend Glutathione Protects Against Asthma”. Yes, with a title of that length, it’s obvious that Chris has a bit of [...]

Paleo Diet: Thursday Link Love

It used to be Wednesday, and then I skipped a few, so Brian posted a “Sunday Link Love” article, so I think I’m going to break the rules yet again. Here it is, nearly the end of the week, and I’m suffering from that well-known blogger’s block. I really don’t seem to have a whole [...]

Paleo Diet: New Study That Suggests Diabetes May Begin in The Intestine

Most people in the Paleo and low-carb communities are pretty sure that they already know what causes obesity and diabetes. It’s all about those dastardly carbs, right? We all know that eating too many carbohydrates……any carbohydrates, over a long period of time, is what leads to Insulin resistance, and ultimately diabetes. But is that true? [...]

The Paleo Diet and Self Experimentation

How old are you? Where are you from? Are you Male or Female? How tall are you? Where are your ancestors from? Are you fair skinned, or dark skinned? Do you tan easily, or burn easily? What time do you go to bed? What time do you get up? Do you gain weight easily? Do [...]