Another Paleo Diet Food Source? Insects! Ewww!

Another Paleo Diet Food Source? Insects! Ewww!

For many of us following the Paleo diet, this means eating the usual stuff: meat (beef, lamb, chicken), fish & seafood, vegetable with limited starches and some nuts and fruit. That’s it. Well, dairy, if you are following the Primal path. But is there another Paleo diet food source that we over look, something that [...]

The Paleo Diet Lifestyle of Hunting and Gathering

The question of whether or not agriculture has been of benefit to humanity is one that periodically crosses my mind. Yes, our lives are far more comfortable. I admit that there are many aspects of our way of living which agriculture has afforded us that I would be loathed to give up.   Nearly everything we [...]

Agriculture: The Worst Mistake In The History Of The Human Race …

Is it too late to turn back the clock? Do we really want to or need to? As much as I love the paleo diet I don’t think we need to go backwards in our human journey. I believe we can combine the best of both worlds, now that we understand that major health problems [...]