Paleo Diet & Quitting Smoking

A couple of my close friends are currently struggling with quitting smoking.  They made the New Year’s resolution to give up, and set Easter as the point at which they’d be free of the evil weed.  Both have reported finding it harder than they thought they would.  They asked if I knew of any good “stop [...]

Paleo Diet: Swimming In Raw Sewage

Due to the unsuitable nature of this article, the content has been withdrawn. If you would like to read what was posted here, please send an email to [email protected] and a PDF file will be sent to you. Please allow for up to 24 hours before making a second request. Our apologies for our lack [...]

Paleo Diet News: Toxic Sugar

Is main stream medicine finally catching on that the food Americans consume on a daily basis is poison? Last night (April 1, 2012), Dr. Sanjay Gupta, reported on CBS’ 60 Minutes in a segment called “Is Sugar Toxic?”, that sugar is a toxin, which has been wrecking havoc with our health for the last 30 [...]

Paleo Diet: What if Omega-3′s Cause Cancer?

Sometimes, it takes what seems to be a really good idea, a long time to proliferate through the paleosphere, and into the mainstream. Sometimes, even though we’re all super-smart over here in Paleo-land, we actually get things wrong. Only slightly less than a year ago, it was the standard recommendation of each of the Paleo [...]

Paleo Diet: Fasting And Cancer

I guess this is one of those weeks where Mark Sisson just decided to turn-out a few little gems on his blog. My last post was about one of Mark’s articles, and so is this one. Cancer has to be one of the scariest “diseases” out there. Ok, so it’s really more of a mutation [...]

Paleo Diet News: The Truth About Fat?

Paleo Diet News: The Truth About Fat?

I watched a documentary last night the name of which promised a great deal to anyone interested in the paleo diet: ‘The Truth About Fat’ (Horizon, BBC).  Sadly, it fell significantly short of the mark. It was presented by surgeon Dr. Gabriel Weston, who guided the audience through her journey of looking at the probable causes [...]

The Paleo Diet and Superfoods – Part 4: Mushrooms

In this ongoing series on superfoods (read parts one, two, and three), we now get to the mushrooms, those lovely magical fungi. Well, there ARE magical mushrooms, but those are NOT the sort I am talking about. The mushrooms I’m talking about have the potential to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.  ‘They [...]

Paleo Diet News: Science, Money and Bias

We’ve reported previously (here and here) on the erroneous conclusions drawn from the recent meat-and-mortality studies.  This is a prime example of the kind of bias that can slip into a so-called “scientific” analysis of foodstuffs.  It’s something to be aware of whenever you read the words “a study has shown that….” Something else to [...]

Paleo Diet News: Red Meat Increases Risk of Death! Really?

The Harvard School for Public Health has published a study which supposedly shows that red meat increases the risk of death. So a major source of macronutrients for human beings over the last 10,000 to 2.5 million years increases the risk of death? Why is the human race still here? Shouldn’t we all be dead [...]

Paleo Diet: What If Sugar Doesn’t Cause Diabetes?

It’s a serious question. What IF sugar doesn’t cause diabetes? I know, everyone in the world “knows” that diabetes is a functional breakdown of the body’s ability to effectively utilize and remove excess sugar (Glucose) from the blood stream, but does that mean that sugar is at the very root cause of the disease? Isn’t [...]

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