The Paleo Sarah Ballantyne Video Interview

In this video, I introduce The Paleo


Sarah Ballantyne has an amazing personal story of losing 120 pounds on low carb diets.  What is really interesting is,


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that for Sarah, losing the weight did not help her become more healthy until she  went on the paleo diet.

You can read Sarah’s wonderful story of personal transformation here.

The Paleo Sarah Ballantyne

Sarah’s blog, The Paleo is a mix of great paleo recipes, the smart insights of a Ph.D, scientist, and the loving heart of a wonderful mother and wife.

The Paleo Sarah Ballantyne

Sarah Ballantyne

Sarah never makes things seem perfect. Sometimes

she struggles to get her two young daughters to eat their veggies … what parent hasn’t had that experience….

At The Paleo, Sarah Ballantyne has -

In the video I mention that Sarah examines whether or not you should skip breakfast.

If you enjoyed the video interview with Sarah Ballantye, then The Paleo is a good place for you to check out on a regular basis.

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