If You Want To Age Well, Build Some Muscle!

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Everyone is looking for the fountain of youth. Health and beauty products that claim to either slow-down or reverse the process of aging have a huge marketshare right now. Growing old is inevitable….it happens to us all…..but how we look and feel when we (hopefully) make it to a ripe old age, is apparently up to us. At least, that’s what the cosmetic commercials on TV tells us. It’s all about the “Retinol Pro V” apparently.

What if one of the best ways to combat old age, was to maintain a significant amount of muscle mass, long into old age? The message could actually be, “If you want to age well, build some muscle….and keep it!”.

I’ve been reading a few more of the available posts on the “Evolving Health” blog, and I like what I see, so I thought I’d share one or two more with you, my friends.

In an article called “Nevermind body fat; put focus on muscle with age“, David Despain talks about the benefits of maintaining muscle mass into old age.

“When you reach age 60 or older, it gets harder to keep, let alone build, muscle. The reasons are a combination of lack of energy, exercise, dietary protein, and hormones. One more is a blunted protein synthesis response that is described as anabolic resistance in aging. Left to run their course, these factors eventually bring on a decrease of muscle mass over time, or sarcopenia. The loss is also often accompanied with an increase in fat mass, or sarcopenic obesity. Sarcopenic obesity brings along with it the lack of both mobility and physical function, with compounding effects, that eventually lead to increased risk of chronic disease.”

“Anabolic resistance, as Phillips defines it, “is the inability of skeletal muscle in aged persons to mount a full protein synthetic response similar to that seen in the young. In other words, older people just don’t put the protein they eat online cialis into their muscles as efficiently as young people. That means as we age that our muscles gradually begin to make less protein and so out muscle mass declines otherwise called sarcopenia.” But according to Phillips, the quality of protein and how much can make all the difference for holding on to muscle with age. Specifically proteins with a higher concentration of branched-chain amino acids including leucine are key to repairing and gaining muscle with age. That means a greater reliance on animal-sourced proteins like whey protein. Plant-based sources just don’t cut it because of the difference in amino acid profile. Now, there’s something to think about before ever considering a completely plant-based diet.”

Now that’s interesting stuff!! Please make sure you read the whole article at David’s blog.

I knew that animal protein is a complete source of all of the necessary amino acids, but I didn’t realize the we require more Leucine as we age, to build muscle…..or to maintain what we have.

I don’t know about you, but I would definitely prefer to make it into old age, looking less like an average old man, and more like this guy:


I think that eating a good diet in accordance with the Paleo Template, lifting heavy weights regularly, and possibly supplementing protein intake as we get older could be the best way to build muscle, and keep muscle even into our golden years.


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2 Responses to If You Want To Age Well, Build Some Muscle!

  1. gale rivers May 31, 2012 at 11:42 am

    I had such a horrible day yesterday I decided with alittle help from a friend thats lost over 20 pounds and struggled with other eating plans that I would do this. I threw all my salad dressings out. I threw my soy milk sweetened with an cane juice out but I still had a tab. of craam in my coffee this am. I want to learn everything there is about this plan so I can be healthy, look good and feel good. I did just subscribe to underground nutrition so heres hoping I can learn fast. Gale

    • Barry Cripps May 31, 2012 at 11:33 pm

      Hi Gale! I wish you the best of luck in taking my 30-Day UN-Challenge! It’s definitely a crash-course in everything you need to know. Just knuckle-under, and get it done, and it could change your life! Let me know how it goes for you. :-)