Robb Wolf on Paleo Sustainability

I have to say…..I really admire Robb Wolf. He’s a super down-to-earth guy, with a ridiculously high IQ, a ton of common sense, and an extremely potent bullsh&t filter. When Robb speaks, people listen. W

hy? Because he doesn’t make any obscene claims, push any gimmicks, or ever appear to be grabbing people’s money……he is really in it to change the world for the better. I believe that.

Robb posted a new article on his blog today, Thursday 17th May 2012, entitled “The Paleo Diet, Sustainability And Economic Growth“. I bet you can’t guess what it’s about? :-)

Please, please….please make sure that you go on over to Robb’s blog and read the whole article, to show your support.

Robb Wolf on Paleo Sustainability

Here’s a few highlights:

“given my position in the Paleo Sphere, I am a apparently larger contributor to the End of The World than Beelzebub. To quote Oppenheimer (who was quoting the Upanishads) “I am Shiva, the destroyer of Worlds.” You see, I’m advocating the consumption of meat, the adoption of biodynamic farming (mixed with smart inputs of technology and even “fossil fuels”…I’ll get to that later) and a shift away from government subsidized grain-centric food production and THAT friends is going to destroy the world, according to our Vegan brothers and sisters.”

“If you argue against this climate change idea in any way, shape or form, you are an un-caring, meat eating bastard (Bitch?). End of story. Not beating the Climate Change drum might be more criminal than arguing against the Patriot Act in the post 911 world…”

“The reason why this is a particularly thorny issue is for many, meat eating is a quasi-religious issue with a misplaced sense of morality winning out over economics. These “discussions” move in an interesting circularity. First the health dangers of meat eating are bandied about, like the Red Meat piece that I commented on recently. Once we put that to rest (ish) we move to climate change and morality. We can easily move our way through this topic if we are willing to put a little skull sweat into considering the scientific implications. Then we run up against the morality issue. You are an evil, dare I say “un-evolved” person if you eat meat. Leirre Keith tackled this topic in her book the Vegetarian Myth, I’m not going to devote a significant amount of time to it here as I find questions of morality banal. The topics people typically bicker (or kill each other) over are better addressed by economics than sniper scopes and suicide bombers. In this meat/morality case the Vegan makes an argument something to the effect “eating animals is morally reprehensible…we do not need to do this

any longer…” Now this completely ignores the critters killed in the routine farming of grains, legumes etc. It ignores that economic investigations indicate that something which looks remarkably like a paleo diet actually REDUCES the number of animals killed. 

I find it funny that the essence of sustainability is often thought to lie solely within the grasp of the Vegan population, but it’s simply not true. If you want proof that the Paleo Template could be a sustainable way of eating for the majority of the worlds population, check out the movie “Fresh” that features Joel Salatin, and Michael Pollan.

The nice thing about keeping cows on farmland, is that they don’t eventually turn it into desert like cereal grains do.


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2 Responses to Robb Wolf on Paleo Sustainability

  1. HeatherT May 18, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    “Growing your own” chickens is decidedly getting more popular where I live. It’s really hard to argue against the sustainability of home-grown eggs, for sure. We just got a new batch this year:

    There are more people converting pastures to beef-pastures too. The grass has to be mowed anyway, so doing it with cows works just fine.

    • Lila Solnick May 22, 2012 at 10:58 am

      Cows or sheep! Mowing and fertilizing in one neat package!
      There are definitely more people raising chickens. I know a few myself. Not enough production to give me eggs, yet.
      Thanks for commenting Heather!