Celebrities on the Paleo Diet

A couple of interesting articles popped into my news feed today - about a couple of celebrities who’ve been getting good results with the paleo diet (or something sounding pretty close to it).


Matthew McConaughey

This Hubpages article outlines how the actor “stays in amazing physical condition year round without fancy machines or equipment”:

Matthew McConaughey is a big fan of the Paleo Diet - but also splurges from time to time on foods that are considered  “forbidden foods.” The key is basing the foundation of your diet around  quality protein sources, healthy fats, and well timed carbohydrates. The

cheat meals should fill in the gaps, not make up the majority of one’s  diet.

Because he is so active all day, McConaughey may not have  the chance to eat until after the day is done. This style of eating is  often known as the Warrior Diet, a form of Intermittent  Fasting. While convential wisdom tells us to eat a ton of small meals per day, this is something that has been perpetuated by the media and is a much overly hyped topic.

Plan B

Cover of single "She Said", 2010. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

The UK rapper (real name Ben Drew) whose current single Ill Manors - a protest song highlighting the issues behind the riots in UK cities last summer - is storming up the charts, has recently lost two stone (28lbs) in weight by following what sounds like a very paleo-friendly plan.  He tells The Sun newspaper:

“None of my suits fitted me. And there’s no point taking them all in.  It would take ages and it’s all about the cut of a suit so it’s been an  excuse to get more.

“Like this one. Not only is it a beautiful cut, I look good in an Armani suit  for the first time.”

And what a suit. He couldn’t stop stroking the designer threads during our  interview.

After cutting out wheat, dairy and booze from his diet and adding regular  training sessions, the weight has dropped off him.

Ben said: “I’ve cut out bread and everything else that goes through a human process — pasta, bread, all that s*** — and I do weights sessions three times a week.

“I was f****** 14 and a half stone before I started training — that wasn’t  healthy for my age and size.

“I’m just eating salad, steaks and fish now. I’m eating a lot of prawns. I love prawns.”

Here’s the video for his latest single:

Nice to see the paleo diet getting some support from celebrities on both sides of the Atlantic!


Have you spotted any celebrities who have been following the paleo diet?  Please share!

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