Paleo Diet News - Wednesday Link-Love

It’s Wednesday, so I thought I’d present you all with some of the great articles and other points of interest that I found from the corners of the internet over the last week or so. Some of these aren’t up-to-the-minute-new, but they’re all note-worthy in my opinion.

Paleo Diet News - Wednesday Link-Love

I was listening to a Jimmy Moore podcast the other day, and he was talking to Eric Merola, who made a movie called “Burzynski The Movie - Cancer Is Serious Business”. I heard about Dr. Burzynski a few months ago, but at the time, what I heard made it all sound like some gimmick. Maybe it is, but according to Eric and the people who have been under the care of Dr. Burzynski, it’s the real deal, and it could be the closest anyone has come thus far, to a cure for cancer. I honestly haven’t seen the movie yet, because I haven’t had an hour and a half available to watch it recently. So, why don’t you guys all head on over to youtube, and tell me what you think. I’m not sure how legal the version posted on youtube is, so if you’d rather buy the movie…. which would definitely be the preferable way to go…. don’t click the link below….click the second one.

Watch the whole movie on youtube here

Official Burzynski movie website

Chris Masterjohn of the Daily Lipid blog, posted a very thorough breakdown and review of Dr William Davis’ “Wheat Belly” book, titled:

Wheat Belly — The Toll of Hubris on Human Health

Mark Sisson answers a question that I’ve heard asked multiple times, on the Mark’ s Daily Apple blog:

Dear Mark: Are Peas and Green Beans Healthy?

Here’s one that our very own Lila won’t like:

FDA Yanks HCG Weight-Loss Agents From market

Emily Deans on her Evolutionary Psychology blog writes:

Depression - Beyond the Chemical Imbalance (Part 1)

On the Ramblings of a Carnivore Blog, Pal Jabekk peaks the interest of low-carb Paleo folks everywhere, by looking into what happens when some people can’t actually utilize Glycogen:

A little something to learn from McArdle’s disease

Here’s a really neat one……if you’re female, and you want to slow down the aging process, and repair some health issues, just have a baby!

Fetal Stem Cells Can Repair the Mother During Pregnancy

Lastly, here’s a couple of Superhuman Radio episodes that you should listen to:

Paleo On A Budget: Feeding A Family Of Five

This one has an appearance by Robb Wolf, which is always entertaining and informative…especially considering they do a little Dr. Oz bashing:

Parents Who Impose Their Vegan Lifestyle On Young Developing Children.. Responsible Or Derelict Of Their Duties PLUS Dr. Oz Prehistoric Diet Investigated

What did you think of our new feature: Paleo Diet News - Wednesday Link-Love? Love it? Hate it? Leave your comments and observations below. Thanks!


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2 Responses to Paleo Diet News - Wednesday Link-Love

  1. Me December 9, 2011 at 11:48 am

    This “documentary” was made by the same conspiracy theory peddlers who brought us the lunatic fringe “Zeitgeist’ movement. I wouldn’t trust a “documentary filmmaker” whose past films are amongst the most widely debunked packs of lies ever made. Would you?

    • Barry Cripps December 9, 2011 at 1:03 pm

      I think that some caution is required when considering things such as this. I liked the Zeitgeist movie. Did I believe it 100%, of course not. However, I’m not a Christian, so I’m obviously not going to to get into the rights and wrongs of that component of the Zeitgeist movie, but I DO believe that at least some segments of the government ARE out to get us. I don’t know that religion or the average conspiracy theory can actually be “debunked” as such……theories and religion are not based upon scientific evidence, and are therefore matters of opinion, and not actual fact.

      And then you’ve got the idea that just because a person previous created a sensationalistic “documentary”, it doesn’t mean that they’re incapable of creating a truly factual piece of work. It’s like anything… it…..research it….and then draw your own conclusions. :-)