Best Gift for The Paleo Diet: The Kitchen Ninja 1100 System


Okay, so I didn’t wait until Christmas to see if I was going to receive a nice food processor from Santa…instead, I went out and bought one for myself. Why? Because I’m a very picky dude, and I know that if I had waited to allow my wife (Santa) to buy one for me (even though I’m sure the device she picked-out would have been lovely), there is always the possibility that it wouldn’t have been the exact model I wanted. I research my nutritional choices, so it stands to reason that I would research my small kitchen appliances before making a purchase too. That’s my excuse for some small OCD tendencies, and I’m sticking to it.

I looked at the usual offenders, including the Cuisinart Prep 11 Plus 11-Cup Food Processor, and the KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor. I’ve heard that many people are very happy with either of those two models, but the features, price, and versatility just didn’t fit the bill for me.

The setup I decided to purchase was the Kitchen Ninja 1100 system. After all, Who doesn’t want a Ninja in their Kitchen!? It is certainly a best gift for the Paleo diet.

One of the main reasons I decided to go with the Kitchen Ninja System was the “multi-blade” nature of the system. I have a super-old glass pitcher blender, with the single blade at the bottom, and I like to make my own Paleo-mayo. The mayo gets quite thick, quite quickly, which presented large problems for my old blender. The blades only spin at the bottom, so the majority of the thick mixture didn’t get touched by the blades, and I’d have to use a spatula to frequently scrape the sides…..which basically defeats the point of using the blender, since I ended-up mixing a great deal of the mayo by hand. A standard food processor wouldn’t handle such a task much better than a blender in my opinion, because even though the blades are much larger in a standard food processor, the blades are still at the bottom of the bowl…..and blades at the bottom, don’t mix thick liquids near the top of the bowl!

The Kitchen Ninja System comes with a small 40oz Processing bowl, and a larger 72oz pitcher, but the Ninja is unique in that it boasts two sets of blades on the shaft that fits in the small bowl, and THREE sets of blades with the larger pitcher!! That’s a lot of blades, kids!! No matter how much liquid you place in the Ninja, that stuff is BOUND to get slashed by at least one set of these razor sharp blades. No wonder they call it a Ninja….it’s not just for cool points!

The overall build quality is very nice. The finish on the motor unit, the lockable sucker feet, and the built-in safety features are all top quality. The bowl and pitcher are made of a Lexan/polycarbonate, and the manufacturer states that they are completely BPA free, which of course means a lot to us picky Paleo folks.

The safety features make it impossible to start the blades, without the top safely on top of the bowl or pitcher. The lids actually lock down, which activates the unit, making sure that fingers are nowhere near the spinning blades. Don’t worry though, there is a place on the top of each of the two lids, that allow liquid (or powders, I guess) to be poured into the unit while it is running…..which facilitates pouring my oil into my churning Paleo-mayo mixture. Another huge benefit is that the blades come out of the bowl, making it easy to remove the contents and making the bowl much easier to clean than a standard blender.

The only downside to the Kitchen Ninja System is that there is a complete lack of a “food pusher” built into the lid, which means that the familiar chopping disks that you see with most conventional food processors are not present, or usable with the Ninja System. This fact matters nothing to me, because I seldom have the desire to slice fruit or vegetables in a machine, but it may be a deal-breaker to some. Personally, if I need some fruit sliced, I’m just going to dirty up a single knife and slice it by hand, instead of breaking out a food processor to do it, but that’s just me.

Another downside is that the Kitchen Ninja System comes with a dough blade, and a dough paddle, for making bread products and cookies, which of course is entirely useless for a Paleo practitioner like myself. Obviously I’m never going to use them, so I think I’ll just throw them away! I’m kidding of course. I’ll probably just store them, in case I ever want to sell the Ninja System to a non-Paleo person.

“How do I get one of these amazing gadgets!” I hear you cry? Well, click on this link or this link, which will take you directly to the Kitchen Ninja 1100 page on By using this link, or any of the sales links on this website, you’ll give credit for the purchase…..and we’ll be really grateful to you for that!

If you buy one after reading this, or even if you have one already, let us know what you think about your Kitchen Ninja 1100 System. Do you think it’s a best gift for the Paleo diet?


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2 Responses to Best Gift for The Paleo Diet: The Kitchen Ninja 1100 System

  1. Orleatha January 14, 2012 at 11:06 pm

    Thanks for this post! gonna buy one at Costco this weekend :)
    BTW - use a stick blender for your mayo- put everything in a jar then blend, 2 mins tops — you can thank me later :)

    • Lila Solnick January 14, 2012 at 11:22 pm

      Terrific tip Orleatha. I have a stick but have not made mayo that way. The next time I make some I will try it. :)