Best Gifts for the Paleo Diet: Pressure Cookers

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My pressure cooker is quite possibly my favourite piece of “modern” kitchen equipment, after my Vitamix blender.  I used to use it mainly for cooking rice, but since going paleo, it has come into its own in making quick stocks, soups, and stews.   There are other uses too, of course (like canning tomatoes) but those are the tried-and-trusted methods I come back to again and again.

Here’s some information on pressure cookers and the paleo diet, especially for beginners.

What’s A Pressure Cooker?

A pressure cooker is a (usually large) pot with a lid that’s locked shut during cooking, sealing in all the steam that’s generated from the simmering liquid and ingredients in the pot. The increased pressure increases the cooking temperature and triples the amount of heat transferred into the food while it cooks.

This makes cooking much quicker.  In the case of meat, it also tenderizes it dramatically. I find using a pressure cooker is also a real boon for cooking bone broths, since the high temperature extracts more flavour, gelatin and collagen from bones - all in record time. I just add some bones to the pot, along with some chopped carrots, celery, onion, garlic and herbs, and enough water to cover everything, and cook for at least 35 minutes - usually longer.

Modern pressure cookers are much quieter than the kind your parents and grandparents probably used - and they’re much safer, too.  Stories of exploding pressure cookers have probably always been exaggerated, and nowadays they have a multitude of safety features that really make this a negligible concern - provided that, like any piece of kitchen equipment, you use your pressure cooker properly!

Key Recipes

Here are some of the delicious paleo diet delicacies you can cook in your pressure cooker:

Your Starter Kit

For most people, I recommend a 6-quart cooker.  That’s big enough for family meals, and small enough to be useable by single people.  My favourite brand, without a doubt, is Kuhn Rikon: their durability is reknowned, they’re expensive but not excessive in price, and they look good too. Below are a few of the pressure cookers Kuhn Rikon offers

Although there aren’t yet any specific paleo and pressure cooker books out there, these two have a range of recipes that are very easily adapted:

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Cooking Under Pressure, by Lorna Sass

Miss Vickie’s Big Book of Pressure Cooker Recipes

Certainly a pressure cooker is a best gift for the Paleo Diet. What are you waiting for? Happy pressure cooking, paleo dieters!


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One Response to Best Gifts for the Paleo Diet: Pressure Cookers

  1. Leslie @ Pressure Cooker Diaries November 14, 2011 at 9:53 am

    We have a website devoted to pressure cooker recipes, so I might be biased, but I LOVE my Fagor 8 qt. I think Kuhn Rikon might be a tad pricy for most people. I definitely recommend either Fagor or Kuhn Rikon instead of a “jiggle top” model, both are a thousand times better!

    We cook everything in the pressure cooker, in fact we just finished making a full Thanksgiving meal, including the turkey, in ours.

    My favorite thing to make is definitely beef stew. The meat comes out so tender and you don’t have to worry about cooking it for 3 hours…