Paleo Diet News: Two Interesting Articles

Paleo Diet News: Two Interesting Articles

The Paleo Blogasphere is still ra brand viagra canada ther quiet right now. Several of the major bloggers have fallen silent over the last several months, which is leaving fresh blog post pickings a little slim recently. There were two interesting articles that caught my eye today, but neither one of them is worthy of [...]

Paleo Diet News: Are These 8 Foods Paleo?

No matter how hard all of the most famous writers in the Paleo and Primal world try to be as specific as possible, in their classification of foods as either “Paleo” or “not-Paleo“, there are always some that slip through the cracks. The nice thing about having a blog, as well as a popular book, [...]

The Paleo Diet: Insulin and ASP

Everyone who lives a Paleo, Primal, or low-carb lifestyle knows a little about the hormone insulin. Insulin is the storage hormone that is released within our bodies, in response to the carbohydrates that we eat. If there is allowed to be even a quarter of a teaspoon too much glucose in our blood, we face [...]

The Ever Changing Face of The Paleo Diet

Exactly what the Paleo diet is, and what it means for everyone is a question that has been asked many times. With any named lifestyle, there is always a group of puritans who believes that the Paleo diet is embodied by a very specific set of guidelines that people should stick to without question in [...]