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Why I Recently Gave Up Eating Bacon on the Paleo Diet

Why I Recently Gave Up Eating Bacon on the Paleo Diet

I know what you’re thinking, and yes I really did it. Those of you that know me know that I was one of the biggest proponents for the tasty, salty treat. For a long time, bacon was basically a staple for me. Most days I ate bacon several different times throughout the day. I read [...]

Paleo Diet: When is High Carb Better Than Low Carb?

With the debate still on-going, it seems that Danny Roddy of “Hair Like a Fox”, and Paul Jaminet of “The Perfect Health Diet”, firmly have each other’s attention right now. Danny follows the teachings of Dr. Raymond Peat, who is health science historian, and proponent of a higher-carb, high sugar/fructose diet, whereas Paul follows his [...]

Is Your Diet Negatively Affecting Your Thyroid?

When I addressed the issue of the theory of “Safe Starches” as outlined in the “Perfect Health Diet” book, a couple of months ago, one of the reasons given by Paul Jaminet for eating a certain amount of starches, was that being low-carb for too long can negatively affect thyroid function. I didn’t really think [...]

The Paleo Diet and Safe Starches

Over the last week or two, there has been a lot of buzz around the interwebs about the topic of “safe starches”. Paul Jaminet introduced the term, through his Perfect Health Diet book, and supporting blog. According to Jaminet, the “safe starches” are taro, plantains, yams, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, white rice and berries. Jaminet [...]

Paleo Diet: The White Rice Question

In my Paleo Diet News Review of Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet’s Perfect Health Diet a little over a week ago, one of the criticisms I leveled at the book was its suggestion to eat white rice as a ‘safe starch’. Boring, I thought.  Boring, boring, boring! Not everyone agreed with me, as can be seen [...]