Stephan Guyenet Weighs in on Fructose

Stephan Guyenet Weighs in on Fructose

It seems that I’m not the only person who’s paying attention to David Despain’s “Evolving Health” blog. Evelyn, aka “Carbsane” has be cialis online purchase en raving about David’s interview with John Sievenpiper, that he wrote about in his article entitled “Fate of fructose: Interview with Dr. John Sievenpiper” (believe it or not), and now [...]

Paleo Diet: What If Sugar Doesn’t Cause Diabetes?

It’s a serious question. What IF sugar doesn’t cause diabetes? I know, everyone in the world “knows” that diabetes is a functional breakdown of the body’s ability to effectively utilize and remove excess sugar (Glucose) from the blood stream, but does that mean that sugar is at the very root cause of the disease? Isn’t [...]

Paleo Diet: Is Sugar Really The Devil?

It’s a frequently repeated idea around the world today, that sugar could quite possibly be the sweet, white disguise that the devil uses to enslave us on the earth. Sugar is commonly implicated as the major contributor to the development of insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. But, is this reputation actually deserved? If [...]

The Paleo Diet & N.A.Ds

The title of this article is interesting, isn’t it? Don’t get too excited, because N.A.D.s is an acronym, and not male genitalia, as it would appear. N.A.D.s is not even an acronym of my invention, so I’m not going to try and claim to you that I came up with it, or what it stands [...]