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Does Pat Summitt Need Paleo?

Does Pat Summitt Need Paleo?

Pat Summitt I know, it’s a rhetorical question…..everyone needs Paleo. Considering that it was the natural human diet for around 2.5 millions years of evolution, there’s not much of an argument against the Paleo diet being correct and healthy for everyone on the planet. In this specific case though, a ketogenic version of the Paleo [...]

More on Paleo Diet and Alzheimer’s

I’ve just been reading a good old British national treasure: the Radio Times, which got me thinking about the paleo diet and Alzheimer’s.  In it, there’s an interview with another national treasure - Sir Terry Pratchett, author of the wonderful Discworld fantasy novels. It’s a point-of-view piece, in which Sir Terry outlines a typical morning: Then into [...]

Paleo Diet News: Omega-3 Hope for Alzheimer’s Disease?

I was interested to read the results of this recent study, which looked in detail at how a long-term omega-3 fatty acid supplementation regime affected the brains of rats and mice.  Whilst the positive effects of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on “impaired cognitive function” is well documented, there have been few reliable long-term human studies of [...]

How To Boost Brain Health with the Paleo Diet

My recent article on Alzheimer’s Disease and the Paleo Diet prompted a number of people to contact me to ask if I had any information on the kind of lifestyle habits - both in terms of, and beyond the paleo diet - which would boost brain health and help stave off neurological disorders.  Clearly, many [...]

Alzheimer’s Disease and the Paleo Diet

Alzheimer’s disease - an incurable, degenerative and terminal form of dementia - is one of the most feared diseases of older age, although it can strike even the young.  Incidence of the illness is predicted to triple in the next forty years, and it is estimated that by 2050, one in every eighty-five human beings on the planet will be [...]