The Paleo Diet According to Ask Men Magazine

Ask Men Magazine recently published an article simply entitled “Paleo Diet”, which was written by Health Correspondent Shannon Clark. The article was later reprinted on Do they really ask men anything? Finally, a diet that actually encourages you to eat protein, protein and more protein. Since it’s still early on in the game, we’re not yet sure [...]

Paleo Diet: Dissension Amongst The Ranks After The Ancestral Health Symposium 2011

The Ancestral Health Symposium 2011 was held August 5-6 2011, and attended by a sold-out crowd of Paleo and Primal practitioners and gurus from all across the Globe. The speakers list read like a “who’s-who” in the Paleo diet/Primal world with figure heads like Robb Wolf, Loren Cordain, Gary Taubes, and Mark Sisson on the speakers list. During the two day [...]