Another Reason to Follow the Paleo Diet - Antibiotics in our Food… AGAIN

If ever there was another reason to follow the Paleo diet and eat food that is as pure as possible, this is it. The FDA is allowing meat producers to continue to add antibiotics to the food fed to animals in Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). This continues to threaten the health of the meat [...]

Paleo Diet: How Can Governments Make Us Healthier?

Ever since I reported on the disaster of Denmark’s misguided fat tax, I’ve been pondering just what a good governmental approach to nutrition should be.  “How can governments make us healthier?” I wondered. So I was very interested to read this great article by Zoë Harcombe, an obesity researcher based in the UK. I think [...]

Is it The Paleo Diet, or The Paleo Religion?

We Paleo crew are such an excited, intelligent, passionate bunch, it must sometimes be hard for people on the outside to believe that we are anything other than obsessed. I guess most of us are….I know I am. I’m obsessed with this amazing way of eating and living that we all call “Paleo”. The question [...]

The Paleo Diet and Fiber

I’ve heard it a thousand times…..fiber is essential. It supposedly helps to keep us pooping regularly, cleans out our intestines, lowers cholesterol, and slows the rate at which we absorb sugar. But is all that really true? Considering that the mainstream gets just about everything else wrong, is fiber really as important as “they” say [...]

Pastured foods for the Paleo Diet

Is the USDA finally wising up to the fact that factory farms are not sustainable? A new study BY the USDA shows that factory farms produce more pollutants and that pastured animals are better for the environment. But we also all know that pastured animal products are better for us and better for the Paleo [...]

Farmageddon - trailer

If you think our small farmers are safe think again. Raids by the FDA and the USDA are common events on small farms which provide fresh wholesome food to willing customers. Factory farms are pushing out small farms by selling produce that is less expensive and grown using chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides and now [...]


There reaches a point when one just has to stand on a hilltop and scream. This is one of those instances. What right does the government have to dictate to us what we can or cannot eat? Instead of prosecuting true criminals, like murderers and thieves, the government now goes after small farmers who are [...]