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Paleo Diet News: Marathon Runners Die of Heart Attacks Too

Paleo Diet News: Marathon Runners Die of Heart Attacks Too

Every now and then, a marathon runner makes it into the news. Most runners would love to become a news headline by breaking records, or winning important races etc, but I don’t think that any runners want to ultimately end up in the news after dying of a heart attack. Obviously no-one wants to die [...]

Paleo Diet: New Data Shows HDL Might Not Be So “Protective”

Ask five different “experts” about cholesterol, and you’ll no doubt get five very different answers. Sure, the overall “Paleo” view of cholesterol’s relationship to health and longevity is very different from the mainstream ideology, but even many ancestral health aficionados don’t have a firm grasp on what those famous numbers actually mean. Who does know? [...]

Paleo Diet: What Can We Learn From The Ice Man?

Stephen Guyenet, of The Whole Health Source blog recently posted an article on his blog entitled “Lessons From Ötzi, the Tyrolean Ice Man. Part I” and then followed it up with Part II on April 17th 2012. At 5,300 year old, Otzi is the worlds oldest natural mummy, who was found in 1991 after being [...]

Paleo Diet: Should Our Food Be Raw?

Everywhere you look, there are people talking about the possible benefits of raw food diets…..primarily raw vegan. I’m not going to go into detail here, but I’m pretty sure that if you’re reading articles on this site, you already know many reasons why a vegan diet of any kind (raw or not), is not optimal [...]

Does Cold Therapy Increase Body-Fat?

When it comes to Cold Therapy, some people might well be worried about the possibility of cold temperatures causing an increase in body-fat, to act as insulation against the cold. But does cold therapy increase body fat? In another short but sweet article by Ray Cronise of the Thermogenex blog, entitled “Fasten Your Seat Belts…”, [...]

Paleo Diet: Weight Loss Doesn’t Always Equal Healthy

I hear it all the time, “Lose weight, and get healthy!”. Hell, I’ve said it myself multiple times…but, weight loss doesn’t always equal healthy, even though the mainstream would have us believe that it does. Today, I’m quoting from an article by an unlikely candidate for use on a Paleo based website, because the author [...]

Maybe Paula Deen Needs Paleo?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, trying to keep a safe distance between yourself and the insane American government, you’ve probably heard about Paula Deen’s recent announcement that she is in fact a Type II Diabetic. This revelation has caused quite a stir, because evidently, some people are a little upset that it took [...]

Paleo Diet: Make A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep

I see it every year at this time. I pull into the gym parking lot, and find it full to the brim with vehicles. Some I recognize, but the majority I do not. If it were any other day of the year, I would assume that some big event was taking place, but not this [...]

The Paleo Diet Main Event: Harris Vs. Matesz

Apparently, Dr. Kurt Harris of the “Archevore” blog, has become a little annoyed with the recent chain of inconsistent information that has been streaming from Don Matesz of the “Primal Wisdom” blog. So annoyed in fact, that he decided to lay down one of the most intense, no-holds-bared smack-downs that I’ve seen in a long [...]

Is it The Paleo Diet, or The Paleo Religion?

We Paleo crew are such an excited, intelligent, passionate bunch, it must sometimes be hard for people on the outside to believe that we are anything other than obsessed. I guess most of us are….I know I am. I’m obsessed with this amazing way of eating and living that we all call “Paleo”. The question [...]