Paleo Diet: Do Carbs Cause Insulin Resistance?

Paleo Diet: Do Carbs Cause Insulin Resistance?

Gary Taubes was one of the founding fathers of the “carbohydrate insulin hypothesis”……at least, he made it semi-famous, even if he didn’t invent it. The hypothesis is simply that the over-consumption of carbohydrates lead to repeated and sustained releases of insulin, which our body ultimately builds up a resistance or immunity to. This supposedly leads [...]

Paleo Diet News: Toxic Sugar

Is main stream medicine finally catching on that the food Americans consume on a daily basis is poison? Last night (April 1, 2012), Dr. Sanjay Gupta, reported on CBS’ 60 Minutes in a segment called “Is Sugar Toxic?”, that sugar is a toxin, which has been wrecking havoc with our health for the last 30 [...]

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