Zoe Harcombe

Paleo Diet News: Saturday Link-Love

Some paleo diet highlights from around the web this week in Saturday Link-Love….. Excited by this review by Mark Sisson of the forthcoming film In Search Of The Perfect Human Diet Mark also has some interesting stuff to say about the benefits of taking a personal retreat - something I enjoy doing from time to time, and need [...]

The Paleo Diet and the Calorie Myth

Given that millions of people will be on their post-Christmas diets, it’s nice to see some sensible messages getting out on a couple of paleo diet blogs about the fallacy of the “eat less, exercise more” method of losing weight – otherwise known as the calorie myth. Here’s what Dr. John Briffa has to say [...]

Paleo Diet: How Can Governments Make Us Healthier?

Ever since I reported on the disaster of Denmark’s misguided fat tax, I’ve been pondering just what a good governmental approach to nutrition should be.  “How can governments make us healthier?” I wondered. So I was very interested to read this great article by Zoë Harcombe, an obesity researcher based in the UK. I think [...]

Who Are Your Paleo Diet Heroes?

Who are your paleo diet heroes? I was pondering this question recently after someone asked me how I “discovered” paleo.  Perhaps surprisingly, I realized that I had found my way via 1990s low-fat fitness star Susan Powter, who recommended the work of the herbalist Susun Weed, who led me to the work of Sally Fallon and [...]