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Paleo Diet News: Faint Praise for Fat

I was directed towards an interesting UK news story today - a report in the Daily Telegraph announcing that researchers have found that the idea that fried food automatically causes heart disease is, in fact, a myth.  Hooray! I thought.  At last they’re catching up with us paleo types, and making friends with fat. Not quite.  It turns out [...]

Myths and Truths of the Paleo Diet

One of the most challenging aspects of beginning the paleo diet is wading through all the conflicting information that’s out there.  Even when you’ve decided that paleo is the way to go, it’s not unusual to still have niggling doubts.  Here are some common myths about the paleo diet.  If you need to refresh yourself [...]

Fat Phobia on the Paleo Diet

It’s gratifying that the paleo diet and lifestyle are becoming better known and increasingly discussed as a way of achieving vibrant health.  However, a concerning trend is becoming more and more apparent – namely, that of paleo pundits advising that the diet is based around the consumption of lean meats.  This recent article is a [...]

Is The Paleo Diet Heart Attack Proof?

Is the Paleo diet Heart Attack Proof? It’s a provocative question, but it’s not original. It was prompted by this article, and by this video, which I encourage you to watch before reading on: What we’re seeing here is a classic example of “received wisdom” at work.  Everyone knows that cutting fat, meat, eggs, and [...]

The Paleo Diet According to Ask Men Magazine

Ask Men Magazine recently published an article simply entitled “Paleo Diet”, which was written by Health Correspondent Shannon Clark. The article was later reprinted on Do they really ask men anything? Finally, a diet that actually encourages you to eat protein, protein and more protein. Since it’s still early on in the game, we’re not yet sure [...]

Scotland ruminates on fat food tax to stem obesity

Taxing foods with saturated fat will only make people fatter. This will continue to be the end result of government meddling. For 40-50 years various governments around the planet have sought to advise people on the proper diet and since then we’ve only gotten fatter. Why? The advice: eat a low fat diet, with lots [...]

How to avoid that heart attack

Bad advice from doctors still abound on the web. Dr. Greg Kerr is recommending that one eat a diet low in fat, reduced animal products and more fruit. This is outdated poor advice. It is the advice that has made millions of people ill with more heart disease and diabetes. To prevent heart disease humans [...]

High-Fat Diets Won’t Harden Arteries….

And a whole lot more…. I love how they qualify their statements “Low-carbohydrate diets that require patients to fill up on fats won’t lead to harder arteries, researchers say — at least not in the short-term.” For the long term too. But what constitutes a high fat diet? To me a high fat diet is [...]

Could Saturated Fats Make a Comeback in Light of New Research?

And now another study says….what boys and girls? That we NEED saturated fats! Something else those following a paleo diet have known. Now we just need to re-educated the whole population. When you first learned that fats, especially saturated fats, were a necessity to life, what did you feel? After all the years of scrupulously [...]