Best Gifts for the Paleo Diet: A Vita-Mix Blender

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For this latest in our series Best Gifts for the Paleo Diet, I’m featuring one of my very favourite modern kitchen appliances – the Vita-Mix blenderActually, the Vita-Mix is much more than just a blender, since it can be used for food-processing, juicing, ice-cream making, creating smooth and unctuous nut butters, making emulsions, crushing ice, grinding gluten-free flours or spices, and even heating soup!  There’s no doubt – if I didn’t already have one, I’d be delighted to receive this as a paleo diet gift.

The Vita-Mix is often promoted by followers of raw food and vegan diets, since it is undoubtedly a whizz at making staples of those diets, like fruit smoothies.  But don’t assume that this means it’s not suitable for those following a paleo lifestyle.  Whether you subscribe to a “pure paleo” approach to eating, or to something more akin to a Weston A Price Foundation approach, you’ll find the Vita-Mix is a great gadget to have.

Here’s an overview:



I love my Vita-Mix. Here are some of the advantages as I see them:

  • Very easy to make vegetable juices/smoothies that don’t eliminate part of the nutrition in the pulp
  • Can pulverize rock hard frozen fruit (great combined with raw cream for a nutrient-dense iced dessert)
  • Simple to use
  • There is an optional container for grinding flour. If you’re following a Weston Price plan, you can buy your own grains, grind them into flour, and soak/ferment the resulting flour before using
  • Very easy to clean – simply add a few cups of warm water, some washing-up liquid, run for 30 seconds, then rinse
  • Can make hot soup in less than ten minutes from raw ingredients.  Some meat stock and fresh veggies, blended until the speed of blending heats the soup up in the Vita-Mix!
  • Excellent customer service, with a substantial warranty and easy-to-access support.

My own Vita-Mix is used for five things again and again.  Making home-made coconut milk; making green smoothies; making soup; making ice-cream without refined sugars; and making nut-butters.  Let’s take a look at each one:

Coconut Milk

Green Smoothies


(This video demonstrates how a soup can be made.  Needless to say, I’d omit the beans – and maybe the apples – and I would use a good-quality meat stock as the base.  I’d also probably add coconut cream or good-quality dairy cream).

Ice Cream

(Obviously not an everyday indulgence due to the relatively high sugar content.  For this recipe, I’d definitely add some cream or coconut cream.  I’d probably also use berries rather than bananas – but this gives you the idea!)

Nut Butters

Interested?  You should be!  Why not ask for a Vita-Mix as a gift this Christmas, or buy one for a paleo-loving friend?  If you purchase the Vita-Mix through our affiliate link, you’ll be supporting Paleo Diet News too, so we can keep bringing you valuable information about great tools to support the paleo diet.  What could be better?


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  1. Sam@ best diet foods January 7, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    I will defently try Vita-Mix for juice. I was Type 2 diabetes but with vegetables, exercise and losing 60lbs no more worries. You have the best tips for my needs

    Thanks and keep up the good info