How should beef be marketed for consumers to pay more for perceived value?

A behind the scenes look at how producers decide to market their goods. This one on beef is interesting since in spite of price increases on higher quality beef, people are still buying it. There was a survey done to find out what consumers purchase and why. It seems that 33%ᅠpurchase “all natural, grass-fed/lean, or locally produced beef”. That is quite a high number.

Of the beef products they purchase: 1) 33% purchase “all natural, grass-fed/lean, or locally produced beef. 5) Less than 10% purchase beef for environmental or animal welfare reasons. Regarding the labels, the researchers found only a moderate …

Personally I have made the decision to purchase only pastured beef. This means that I will eat beef less frequently, but I will thoroughly enjoy it when I do.ᅠ

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